Tourist district Králický Sněžník

Visitors to the smallest tourist area of the East Bohemia region are welcomed by a virgin nature of the massifs of Králický Sněžník, Jeřab, Buková hora and Suchý vrch. The next places of interest are the system of frontier fortifications built in the period of 1935–1938, the place of pilgrimage called Mother of God’s Mountain in Dolní Hedeč or the Králíky municipal preserve area. All the aforementioned places tell us interesting stories about locals, their wishes, bravery as well as craftsmanship.

Mother of God’s Mountain in Dolní Hedeč Military Museum in Lichkov Králický Sněžník massif Dolní Morava

Dolní Morava is an all-year-round popular recreational resort with numerous hotels, however, in winter in particular it is a sought-after resort due to its excellent infrastructure and illuminated toboggan run. The Military Museum in Dolní Lipka presents an exposition of military hardware from the period of the WW 2. In a close proximity to the museum, an event called “Cihelna” is held every year, which is a show of mock fights tempting all lovers of military history and military historical hardware.

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