Pardubice tourist district

The Pardubice disctrict is situated in the lowland along the Elbe river rich in ponds, irrigation canals and rivers lined with cycle paths. The Pardubice region has numerous places of historical interest, including the Gothic-Renaissance chateau and the historical centre of the city of Pardubice, the Baroque chateau in Choltice with a park full of plane trees and centuries-old oaks or the sacred building of the Romanesque church in Kojice and others. The horse-breeding farm in Kladruby nad Labem, renowned for raising the Starokladrubský horses, counts among very exceptional monuments. In the vicinity of the spa town of Lázně Bohdaneč, you will find the Bohdanečské rybníky natural area, which is crossed by numerous cycle paths.

Pardubice is a modern city with a historical centre situated at the junction of the Elbe and the Chrudimka rivers. It is located only 100 km from the capital city of Prague. A dominant feature of the picturesque Pernštýnské square is the 60-meter high Green Gate boasting a magnificent view of the Kunětická hora castle as well as the historical centre of the city which is protected as a municipal preserve area. The tasting of a traditional gingerbread of Pardubice is a “must” of each visit to Pardubice. Pardubice is the venue of the traditional “Golden Helmet” motorcycle race of fl at racing motorcycles and the famous Velká Pardubická steeplechase.

Velká pardubická steeplechase Golden Helmet Bohdaneč Spa – Gočár pavillon Pardubice

Lázně Bohdaneč is the only spa resort in the region. The spa town is situated only 8 km from Pardubice within the reach of the Pardubice’s municipal public transport. The spa resort provides treatment of the locomotory system disorders, postoperative conditions and obesity. The offer of the spa stays includes programs focused on medical wellness.

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