Wedding at Svojanov Castle


Svojanov Castle is a romantic place for weddings to be held throughout the year. The ceremony takes place in the Gothic Garden, the Empire Palace or the Knights' Hall of the Armory House. The wedding reception can be held in the hall of the Armory House or in the hunting lounge.

The basic price for a wedding at Svojanov Castle includes the hire of the wedding premises, the possibility of photographing wedding guests in this area as well as outdoors, basic floral decoration of the wedding premises and the provision of reproduced music during the ceremony. We also offer other services related to the wedding ceremony, festive toast, extensive floral decoration, live music, festive cannon fire, wedding reception and evening party, castle accommodation and other accompanying program.

The capacity of the castle garden for the wedding ceremony is not limited, the capacity of the column hall is suitable for up to 80 persons, the capacity of the ladies’ lounge is limited to a maximum of 30 persons, the capacity of the upper hall of the Armory House holds 100 persons. In the garden there are 20 seating positions on the benches, the same number of chairs in the interior. The number of seats can be increased on prior agreement. Smoking is prohibited in all of the castle's premises. Smoking is only permitted in a reserved area in front of the castle entrance.


Basic price for hire of premises for wedding ceremony CZK 5,000
Photographs of close circle of family of wedding guests in the castle interiors CZK 500
Festive toast CZK 250
Festive cannon fire CZK 300
Festive fireworks as part of the wedding celebration: CZK 6,000

More information is available on the Svojanov Castle website.

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